painted in black walnut and harda plant dyes on raw hemp canvas wrinkle dyed with madder root

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The Boutique of Arts™ has been an independent online (and formerly offline) gallery of multiple arts since 1999.

All designs, artworks, photos, text, poetry are by Mary Jo Magar.

“Fibonacci Cactus “
The logo for the Boutique of Arts™ has long been the ruby cactus, here, the geometric / Fibonacci version of that cactus. Fibonacci number patterns are prevalent throughout nature as well as in manmade technologies.

With the exception of one E-book, the Boutique of Arts™ is no longer a commerce site. Everything presented here is for Internet exhibit and informational purposes only.

As of 2012, The Boutique of Arts™ is dedicated to the elimination of worldly excess through minimalism, simplicity, environmental consciousness, and the beautiful geometry and purity of nature; hence, all new artworks are either virtual or created of only raw materials directly from nature, such as organic hemp, wild silk, plant dyes, clay, chocolate, chlorophyll, minerals, precious metals, and gemstones. All publications are paperless.

The majority of artworks are accompanied by a Petrarchan / Miltonic sonnet, historically the oldest sonnet form and regarded as the classical equivalent in literature to the golden section in geometry.

The Boutique of Arts™ has long been dedicated to poetry as an efficient means of communicating much – minimally, musically, and memorably.

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